What Makes Positive Change Unique

We use a holistic approach when addressing the needs of our customers. Emphasis are placed on the mind, body and spirit of the individuals we serve, rather than solely on their disability.  By doing so, allows Positive Change staff to evaluate and understand the health needs, value, preferences, family dynamics and functional abilities of each individual.

Our Services

Case Management   

Positive Change provides resource & referral case management services to individuals with disabilities of all age groups, gender, race, national origin, disability and socio-economic background.  We also identify and link caregivers/family members to valuable supports in the community, which can help them sustain their over-all health as well. 

Upcoming Services


Follow-along services are provided to ensure a smooth transition, receipt of services and quality customer care/service delivery is being provided by the identified service provider. 


Positive Change prides it's self on providing quality service delivery.  Follow-up services are provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

Intellectual & Developmentally

 Disabilities Services

  • For children & adults diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • Children with Autism and/or other developmental delays. Ex: Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Spina Bi‚Äčfida, etc. 
  • New parents of infants or toddlers diagnosed with developmental delays.
  • Students with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities, ag 14 to 22 preparing to transition from High School to the community.
  • Adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities who are currently not receiving case management services. 

Emergency Personnel

(Police, Fire Fighters, EMT)

  • Emergency personnel who have sustained acute, long-term or permanent injuries while in the line of duty.
  • Emergency personal dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health issues.




Active Duty Military &

Veteran Services

  • Active duty military personnel and veterans who have received or is in the process of receiving a medical discharge, due to injuries sustained while serving in the military.
  • Veterans dealing with on-going service related health issues.


Acute, long-term/permanent disability

  • Illness (ex: cancer, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, corona virus, etc.)
  • Mental Health illness (ex: bipolar, postpartum    depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Fall (physical or brain injury)
  • Sports related injuries (high school, college,        professional)- chronic traumatic encephalopath
  • Auto/motorcycle accident

Our Philosophy

Positive Change's philosophy is "not about rescuing people with disabilities; it's about investing in their  future."

Author unknown